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If you are like most people, you love your upholstered furniture and why wouldn’t you? Upholstered furniture is comfortable and adds beauty and color to any home. Your upholstered furniture is where you sit to watch television, play video games, listen to music or read. It may also be use for taking naps and entertaining guests. Since upholstered furniture gets so much use and sometimes abuse it has a tendency to collect dirt, dust, and pollen. Your upholstered furniture also collects oils from hair and skin, perspiration and even cooking odors.

One way to prolong the look and the life of your upholstered furniture is too have that furniture professionally cleaned by our company, Hanover Carpet Cleaning Pros. Here are some of the things you can expect from our carpet cleaning services.

We Clean all Type of Upholstered Furniture

All Types of Upholstery Fabrics Most households have various sizes and shapes of furniture from small ottomans to large sofas and recliners. No matter what size or shape your upholstered furniture is we can clean it for you and in most cases we can return it to near new condition (except for normal wear and tear)

Types of upholstery fabric we clean includes:

• Cottons and cotton blends
• Wool and wool blends
• Velvet /  Velour / Silk
•  Satin / Acrylic / Faux leather
• Linen / Leather
• Polyester and polyester blend
• Wool and wool blends

Our cleaning process

Our cleaning process begins with us using our state of the art vacuum and vacuuming your furniture to remove any loose dust and dirt from your furniture. We vacuum the cushions, under the cushions, and the complete sides back and all the cracks and crevices of each piece of furniture.
Then if you have any stains or odors we pre-treat those stains and odors with our organic cleaning products before cleaning your furniture from top to bottom.

We do Upholstery Cleaning Right

Different types of upholstery needs to be cleaned using different cleaning methods and different cleaning products. If the wrong cleaning product or method is used the results can be less appealing as your upholstery fabric’s colors may run or your may experience light spots or or fading colors and patterns.

Here at Hanover Carpet Cleaning Pros we do upholstery cleaning right. We train all of our upholstery cleaning technicians to be able to recognize upholstery fabrics and to use the right methods and products to clean different types of upholstery. Our professional upholstery cleaning technicians take great pride in their work and do everything they can to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your upholstery once it is cleaned.In addition our upholstery cleaning technicians will also clean your blinds, curtains, drapes and even those expensive and colorful tapestries hanging on your wall.

To schedule an upholstery cleaning appointment or free consultation just give us a call at 1-973-330-8820 or speak to our online representative and let us know how we can be of service to you.

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