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When it comes to cleaning a home the mattress is the most overlooked piece of furniture in the house. Yet most mattresses are subject to many different types of dirt, stains and odors. For example, you mattress collects dust and pollen, prespiration and other bodily fluids, dead skin cells and even the dust mites that feed off those dust skin cells.

When you stop to think about it most people wash them clothes after only wearing, they wash their sheets once or twice a week, and their other bedding a couple of times a month. Yet, many people may vacuum their mattresses on a regular basis, but few have their mattresses deep cleaned with a professional steam cleaners.

Our Quality

Even if you have a steam cleaner designed for home use, these cleaners cannot deep clean your mattresses in the manner they should be cleaned. In addition, the extraction on most home steam cleaners lack the power to extract the water back out of the mattress allowing time for mold and mildew to grow.
Here at Hanover Carpet Cleaning Pros we have state of the art professional steam cleaners with powerful extraction systems that will reach deep down into your mattresses and draw out all the dirt and odors from your mattresses without leaving it overly damp.

Our Mattress Cleaning Service

When cleaning your bedroom mattresses we begin by thoroughly vacuum your mattress, box springs, and head and foot boards as well as any supporting rails. We then pre-treat your mattress to remove any stains or odors and then steam clean your carpeting using our state of the art steam cleaners and our organic cleaning products.

Our Organic Cleaning Products Are Safe for You and Your Family

We won’t use any chemical cleaning products when cleaning your mattresses. We believe in helping you take care of your family’s health and our organic cleaning products are safer for you, your children and pets than those chemical cleaners. In addition, our green cleaners won’t leave behind any chemical fumes to disturb your sleep, but instead will leave your mattress clean and fresh smelling.

A Clean Mattress Can Lead
to More Restful Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential to your health and a clean mattress can allow every member of your family to get a better night’s sleep. Studies show that a dirty mattress can lower the air quality of your bedroom so it only makes sense that a cleaner mattress will result in better air quality. In addition, microscopic dust and dirt and those dust mites can make sleeping difficult and leave you waking up with itching skin, and those prespiration and other odors in your mattress you don’t really notice when you are awake can become magnified when your sleeping causing you to wake up throughout the night. A clean mattress removes all those hindrances to a good night’s sleep and allows you a more comfortable and good night’s sleep.

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