Our Boat Cleaning Services

Your boat like your family car and you home is big investment and boat owners in Hanover want to keep their boats looking its cleanest and best even when being used on a regular basis. Our boat cleaning services include cleaning your boats carpeting, area rugs, upholstery and matresses for those who have sleeping cabins.

Our Start of the Season Boat Cleaning Services

Although most boat owners have their boats stored with tarps covering them, spending several months in storage your boat is bound to be a little bit dusty and smell a little bit stale. That stale odor is likely to settle into your carpeting, rugs, and upholstery and here at Hanover Carpet Cleaning Pros we can turn that dusty and stale smelling boat into one that is clean and fresh.

Hanover Cleaning Experts

Area Rug Cleaning- We offer you the same two area rug cleaning options for your boat that we offer for your home. You may either choose to have your area rugs cleaned at our facility or right on your boat.

Upholstery Cleaning- Like your home our upholstery cleaning technicians will vacuum and clean your upholstered boat furniture leaving it looking and smelling fresh. We will also clean the blinds and curtains on your boat so that everything is fresh and clean. This includes freshening any mattresses you may have.

Our In Season Cleaning Services

If you would like us to provide one or more of our cleaning services in season to keep your boat looking and smelling fresh throughout the season just call and make an appointment stating what service or services you need or want and we will be happy to provide that service. We offer the same extended hours for our boat cleaning as we do for your home or business. We will also provide you with same day cleaning as well.

End of the Season Cleaning

You want your boat’s carpeting, rugs, and upholstery cleaned at the end of the season to remove any salt from the salt water spray, ensure there is no dampness that can cause mildew and mold and to keep your boat from smelling overly musty during the months it is in dry dock. Our end of the season cleaning is the same as our start of the season cleaning and we will include treating your upholstery and carpeting to prevent any mold and mildew from growing. ¬†To schedule a boat cleaning or free consultation to have your boat cleaned just give us a call at 1-973-330-8820 or speak to our online representative right here on this website.

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